Buyer & Seller Guides
Buyer and Seller Guides

Listing a Product

How do I list a product on Jawa?

Before listing a product, make sure you have created a Jawa account and set up your store.

Click on “LIST A PART” on the top right of the screen. You can also go to “My Listings” in the main menu and click “LIST A PART” from there.

This will take you to the Add Product page. Here’s where you upload your product pictures and information. Add the dimensions of the item so buyers can receive an accurate shipping quote. Once you select the product category and type our Jawa magic will fill out all of the specs!

If you are not yet ready to publish your listing, you can save it as a draft and come back to it later. Once you click “PUBLISH NOW” your product listing will be live on the Jawa marketplace. Happy selling!

As-is / For Parts

If you plan to sell parts that are damaged or for parts, please note that you cannot list items that show signs of solder repair. You must disclose and provide detailed photos of any physical damage. Avoid stating "what you think is wrong" with the product, and stick to the objective facts.