Buyer & Seller Guides
Buyer and Seller Guides

Getting Paid

When will I receive the payment for my item?

Your payout will be initially transferred into your Stripe seller balance 2 days after the buyer receives the item, then will be initiated within 1-2 days after being available in Stripe. If you have any issues with your payments, please contact us at

What are the fees for selling on Jawa?

Listing items on Jawa is free. When you make a sale, we take a 6% fee off of the sale price (plus a standard 3% payment processing fee).

Why does Jawa charge a selling fee?

Our 6% fee is in place to keep our site up and running, release new features, provide buyer and seller protections, and pay our employees.

Unlike many other selling platforms, at Jawa we only charge you when you make a sale, so there are no initial costs to list the item.