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This $1500 Gaming PC is Stunning 🤩

Feast your eyes on this Intel i5 12600K & RTX 3070Ti masterpiece by Commenter's PC. Beyond gaming, its stunning design and photography steal the show. Don't miss it!

This $1500 Gaming PC is Stunning 🤩

We’re ditching the budget to mid ranged gaming PC builds this week because I absolutely can’t ignore this work of art from Commenter’s PC. Here we’re looking at an Intel i5 12600K and RTX 3070Ti build inside the Montech Sky Two and this is easily one of the best looking PC prebuilts on our platform this week. The seller’s perfect photography skills compliment the gaming PC as well, thanks for doing it justice! Let’s take a closer look.

Favorite Features

  • Montech Sky Two – This case was launched a couple of months ago and it’s been one of my personal favorite case launches in recent memory. We all know that a lot of case manufacturers are starting to go with the glass front panel META to copy the success of the Lian Li O11, but now we’re seeing real unique iterations of the design and this is one of my favorites. The case comes with 4 ARGB fans already, and with the addition of the Thermalright Frozen Magic 360 AIO this build is glowing from every direction and simply looks amazing.
  • ASUS ROG Strix Gaming RTX 3070Ti – The RTX 3070Ti is already a beastly graphics card for both 1080p and even 1440p gaming, but this Strix model is one of the best available and the design of it is perfect for a build like this. I’m really happy the seller decided to vertical mount it as well, this is definitely a statement piece kind of build.
  • Overall Aesthetics – This one should speak for itself, there’s just so much attention to detail here and every single part compliments the overall theme of the build. The white lights coming from the T-Force Delta RGB RAM sticks, the white cable extensions, and even the ASUS Prime Z690-P motherboard all come together for the white and silver look that a lot of us strive for when building a higher end PC.

Price to Performance Value

Having this build priced at $1500 opens up the competition to builds outside of just Jawa, and NZXT’s Player: Two is stepping up to the plate today. This is a very popular option from NZXT and while it’s priced at the same exact price point, this one is only sporting a Ryzen 5 5600X, 16GB of RAM, and an RTX 3070. That’s a considerable downgrade from our featured build today with a 12600K, 32GB of RAM, and an RTX 3070Ti.

First Upgrades

This isn’t a gaming PC that you buy while having intentions to upgrade it anytime soon. A PC like this will last for several years and the only upgrades you’ll be making are personal preference ones to customize it along your journey of PC gaming. The weakest point in the parts list though is the SSD as the Silicon Power A60 is a very budget drive, so if you want some faster speeds or more storage then an NVMe upgrade would be my first choice.


This might just be my favorite gaming PC that I’ve reviewed in this newsletter series so far. Commenter’s PC absolutely crushed this one and I’m already excited for the future owner of this build. If you’re looking for a $1500 prebuilt gaming PC that has great price to performance with the aesthetics to go along with it, this is the one folks.

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