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Not a Build I’d Typically Feature…

Don't miss this unique, high-value build from Deeny Supply. A Community Favorite, it's unlike any we usually feature.

Not a Build I’d Typically Feature…

This build from Deeny Supply is certainly nowhere close to a typical build that I usually feature in this newsletter, but the value here is just absolutely bonkers and someone needs to buy this immediately. (Or else I will) It’s also featured as a Community Favorite, and we’ll talk about why that excites me in a bit. Let’s check this unusual feature out immediately…

Favorite Features

  • Founder’s Edition RTX 3060Ti – Alright so the bread and butter of this build is that it’s just a typical Dell OEM prebuilt system that’s somewhat updated. It has an Intel i5 10400F which is an amazing CPU for gaming and also 32GB of DDR4 RAM. The kicker is that the seller slapped a Founder’s Edition RTX 3060Ti in here and somehow the total price is only $625. I’ve certainly never seen a complete gaming PC with a 3060Ti being sold for less than $650, so this might be a world record in terms of price to performance.
  • Dell OEM – Now aside from the GPU upgrade, this Dell OEM itself appears to be really solid. I can’t quite grab the specific model number from the listing or the pictures, but the spec sheet speaks for itself. We already know that the Intel i5 10400F is an amazing CPU for mid-ranged systems, and I love to see both 32GB of RAM in here as well as a 512GB NVMe SSD. If you only looked at the spec sheet and didn’t realize this was an OEM build, the value would still be off the charts here. Finally, according to the listing the PSU is rated at 500W and this is slightly questionable for a 3060Ti, so it probably would be worth confirming with the seller that this build has been properly benchmarked and stress-tested before purchasing.
  • Community Favorite – This isn’t necessarily about the build, but I’d like to highlight how amazing it is that a build like this gets featured as a Community Favorite. At first glance, this listing may look like a meme or an over-priced OEM build, but I love how our community was able to pull this out of the weeds and quickly highlight it just a day after it gets posted. Because of the price to performance value, I don’t think we’ll see this build available for much longer and I’m proud of our community bringing this to my attention. (And now yours)

Price to Performance Value

Possibly a world record when it comes to gaming PC prebuilts being sold on the internet. There’s certainly some downfalls (especially aesthetically and upgradeability) with a PC like this, but it’s still rocking crazy value. No PC will be able to hang with this 10400F and RTX 3060Ti at just $625.

First Upgrades

Here’s one of the major downsides in a build like this. OEM PCs like this usually lack upgradeability, and this one is no exception. I wouldn’t recommend paying for a PC like this if your plan is to continuously chip away at upgrades, this is rather a “one and done” type of build. The only thing that I’d reasonably recommend upgrading would be the storage, you can either swap out the 512GB NVMe drive for a bigger one or install a secondary 2.5” SSD for some extra space.


The Jawa community struck gold on this listing and whoever purchases this PC will essentially be striking gold as well. Any PC (no matter how it looks) that’s priced at $625 with an Intel i5 10400F and RTX 3060Ti should certainly get mentioned on this newsletter and I expect to see this gone in the next 24 hours.

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