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New Prebuilt Seller Coming in Hot!

The seller “typicalenergysells” just joined us on Jawa and they’re kicking things off with some serious value.

New Prebuilt Seller Coming in Hot!

The seller “typicalenergysells” just joined us on Jawa and they’re kicking things off with some serious value. Both this build and the other one they have listed look incredible for the money, but let’s focus on this RTX 3070 build for less than $900 first!

Favorite Features:

  • CPU and GPU - The Ryzen 5 5600 and RTX 3070 is already a proven combination for 1080p Ultra gaming, and it can certainly stretch to 1440p depending on the title and settings. There’s a lot of upgradeability with a setup like this as well. This combination will easily play any game you want in 1080p without an issue.
  • Aesthetics - Usually when a build is packing top notch performance value, they have to cut from the aesthetics a bit. That is NOT the situation here. This prebuilt is utilizing the Sama Neview 4351 case which looks incredible and I am literally going to buy this for myself as soon as I’m done writing this feature. I love when sellers take advantage of the new offerings from the not so well known brands like Sama and this fish tank/ARGB style looks amazing for the price. Everything else in here matches up perfectly with the white/black design and after the buyer adds some white cable extensions, this will be an A+ aesthetics build!
  • High Quality Extras - The profit margin of this build isn’t starting to make a lot of sense because outside of the core components, even the “accessory” parts are top tier as well. Literally, the power supply is rated Tier A which you never see for a sub $1000 prebuilt. There’s also 32GB of high quality DDR4 RAM, as well as a Western Digital 1TB hard drive. This build is packed with value!

Price to Performance Value:

The value of this build is incredible. The CPU and GPU combination alone is very competitive already, but when you factor in the other high quality parts (such as the X570 motherboard) this is a steal and a half. This build should not last long posted on Jawa at all because of it’s value. This should get swooped up quickly.

First Upgrades:

Like I said the first thing I’d buy is white PSU cable extensions because that will fully complete the aesthetic design. Other than that, I would recommend enjoying this PC for what it is for the next few years. It’s a beast now, but then the CPU and GPU can easily be upgraded in the future when the buyer wants to truly transform it into a 1440p Ultra build.


This seller is off to an incredibly hot start and I’m excited to see what else they post. As of writing this post they do have 1 more PC prebuilt with an RX 6600 that looks great as well, but I hope we see more soon :)

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