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How are They Making Profit on This?!

Act fast on "Frost," a Ryzen 5 3600 & RX 6650XT build by Purple City Tech. Perfect for 1080p gaming, it won't last long on

How are They Making Profit on This?!

There is absolutely zero chance that today’s build lasts long on the market, and honestly if it’s still in stock when this article goes live I’ll be surprised. Nicknamed “Frost”, this Ryzen 5 3600 and RX 6650XT build from Purple City Tech is a perfect mid ranged 1080p gaming PC that will look amazing sitting on someone’s desk. Let’s take a closer look.

Favorite Features

  • Value – The value is through the roof on this one for both performance and aesthetics. To be very honest I don’t think the seller is going to be making a ton of profit on a build like this. I’d guess they got some serious discounts on some of these parts or maybe some even for free. If you were to build this PC yourself, you’d be looking around the same price that it’s listed for. Whoever buys this build does not have to worry about the value on this one, at all. This is wild.
  • PowerColor Spectral White RX 6650XT – This is one of my personal favorite hidden gems for mid ranged systems and I cringe a little every time I see someone else use it, but only because I don’t want it to go out of stock! The RX 6650XT by itself is already a Tier S price to performance card over the last several months (faster than an RTX 3060), but this Spectral White version is even better for white systems! Paying for white graphics cards is always more expensive, but this card continues to be one of the best in terms of value and it makes builds like this one look amazing.
  • The Full Package – Kind of unfair, but again this is to just illustrate the value you’re getting here. Outside of the price to performance in the CPU and GPU department, this build is also rocking 1TB of NVME storage (sometimes you’ll see 500GB at this price range), a motherboard with built in WiFi and Bluetooth, and even RGB RAM!

Price to Performance Value

It’s ridiculous, plain and simple. You’re probably tired of hearing me say it at this point so I’ll make this quick. For a different reference point though, the only other 6650XT build on the platform right now is listed at $1100! The 6650XT is better in performance compared to the RTX 3060, and none of those builds compare with this one either. This is incredible value.

First Upgrades

The first thing I would do here is buy some extra fans. The rear slot should definitely be used up for exhaust air to balance everything out, and not having a fan looks a bit weird in my opinion. Because of the layout of the LANCOOL 205M mesh case, adding 2 more fans up at the top would balance out the aesthetic and air cooling of the setup as well.


Again, sorry if you’re reading this article about a build that’s sold already, but this one will 100% move quickly. This is an amazing combination of parts and the price is impossible to beat for a prebuilt. I’m looking forward to seeing more from Purple City Tech in the future!

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