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Drop into Al Mazrah with the Forge Hercules!

Forge Hercules is the gaming PC you need for Warzone 2.0! Packed with Ryzen 5 5600 & RTX 3060Ti, it's optimized for high frame rates in new titles like Overwatch 2. Upgrade now for a seamless gaming experience

Drop into Al Mazrah with the Forge Hercules!

Warzone 2.0 is finally out now (anyone get a W yet?) and if you’re just now realizing your PC isn’t going to get your desired frame rates, then I have just the build for you! Introducing Forge Computers and their new Forge Hercules build, this is an absolute beauty packing a Ryzen 5 5600 and an RTX 3060Ti. This is a great option for taking advantage of a higher refresh rate monitor, especially in the new titles like Warzone 2.0, Overwatch 2, and Modern Warfare 2! (That’s a lot of 2’s, especially considering this is my 22nd Friday Feature, wow)

Favorite Features

  • Performance – Like stated in the estimated benchmark section at the bottom of the post, this build can certainly deliver when it comes to high frame rates. For 1080p with Ultra settings you can expect around 140 FPS in Modern Warfare 2, 200 FPS in Overwatch 2, and 400 FPS in Apex Legends. (Again, those are just estimates)
  • Streamer Build – With all of these popular end of the year titles releasing, it’s only natural that more and more gamers want to jump into the world of livestreaming. A build like the Hercules is almost perfect for that because you have the higher 6 core count with the Ryzen 5 5600, and you can also utilize the NVENC encoder on the RTX 3060Ti. I would however recommend upgrading to 32GB of RAM if you want to stream, thank me later.
  • Aesthetics – You guessed it, obviously one of my favorite features about the Hercules is the design and this one is easily Tier S. I love that they built the PC with a power supply that has white cables to save money from buying extensions, the Vetroo V5 cooler matches perfectly with the build, and the built-in RGBs on the Phanteks G360A are simply stunning.

Price to Performance Value

Per usual, you just aren’t going to find any competitors for a build like this from the bigger manufactures. Those large companies don’t have the creativity to pull off something as beautiful as this one, so let’s skip that comparison. As far as the Jawa platform goes, this one was already rated a “Community Favorite” so you have the assurance that this is a great option! RTX 3060Ti builds are continuing to come down in price right now, but there’s a ton of money in the aesthetic department of this build to make up for it.

First Upgrades

Like I mentioned in the streaming build section, a build like this would be even better with a simple RAM upgrade up to 32GB. It’s not 100% necessary if you’re just a gamer, but if you have any streaming or content creating aspirations, I would make the upgrade early.


The Jawa community is spot on with this one, and I completely agree with their vote as a favorite on the platform. The price to performance combined with the aesthetics is really tough to beat, and I’m sure this one will go to a new home soon.

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